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With many years of experience leading Career and Talent Management in great multinational corporations (Mars, Saint-Gobain), I can help your Company build a culture that brings success to Your Business through focusing on the creator of this success – your people. I can work with customers in the UK, Russia and beyond, using face to face interventions and modern virtual tools.

Developing Leaders

Developing Leaders

  • Individual coaching: this tailor-made intervention can help your best people in many situations – to boost their development, to stop their career from derailing, or to help them think.

  • Korn Ferry Assessment of Leadership Potential (KFALP) is a great tool based on Learning Agility concept; it can revolutionise your succession planning making it much more thoughtful and future orientated. You will really feel the difference compared with the normal “what have they done so far” approach to succession planning

  • Industry leading Korn Ferry 360 feedback process accelerates your leader’s self-awareness. Not only it helps developing your leaders, but improves relationship management across the organisation

  • A lack of Personal Brand and visibility often prevents talented leaders from reaching their full potential. Individual work or group workshop dedicated to building Professional reputation will help them to bridge the gap

Developing Teams

Developing Teams

  • The Dynamics of High Performing Teams is a novel comprehensive methodology, which pulls together everything that is needed to get your Team to excellence. The concept, developed by Alison Grieve and Jenni Miller from Management Dynamics, highlights the need to work not only on the Relationships in the team, but also on Team Reason, Results, Routines and Resilience. The methodology includes an online diagnostic and a plethora of practical tools for the dynamics development, they could be shared via individual work with a team leader, via team coaching or during the workshops with a number of different leaders.

  • Team Coaching is an interaction where a coach can listen, ask questions, give feedback – similar to traditional coaching, but focusing on the whole team, rather than an individual. Team coaching helps teams work together and with others – inside and outside their organisation - by developing safe and trusting relationships, better ways of working and new thinking. As a result, the team can maximise their collective potential and achieve their purpose and performance goals.

  • Personality questionnaires are a great way to improve Team awareness. We can run engaging and fun team building events using MBTI, FIRO-B, Insights or other tools

Developing Organisations

I passionately believe that the future of organisations lies in becoming more Human. Transitioning from purely result oriented cultures, the Human organisations free the creativity and resilience of their people - through encouraging thoughtful conversations, where people listen, learn and think together. There are a few key conversations that need to be happening in organisations

Developing Organisations

  • Courageous and constructive Feedback – on individual performance, on the way things are done, on the quality of leadership, on serious dangers and new ideas. This should be done on a foundation of Psychological safety and requires certain skills from everybody. How to build a culture of honesty without compromising team spirit?

  • Career discussions. In our ever changing world even the most stable companies can’t guarantee permanent employment without major transitions. How to talk about the unknown future with your employees, yet ensure their engagement and loyalty? How to encourage their professional development without clear career paths?

  • Diversity and inclusion. Using our approach “Human Bridges: Diversity and Inclusion through Cultural lens”, we try to go beyond improving statistics on various minority representation: what matters is meaningful connections between people. How to help your people understand each other, and then work together, celebrating their differences and using them to be more successful?

We can work with you reviewing your culture and processes - to encourage these conversations, upskilling your people and giving them the confidence  through workshops – to run these conversations effectively, and assisting in building a plan - to embed and sustain the practice of these key conversations.

I am also proud to work with two fantastic international companies. See what their full offer is on their websites:

A Great Asset to Any Team that is Focused on Developing Talent

“Anna is a great asset to any team and organisation that is focused on developing talent, building sustainable & high performing teams and driving organisations success through highly engaged and motivated people. Her coaching and people development abilities excite leaders’ expectations and help to align people and business growth objectives. She is a charismatic and values driven individual who I hold in high esteem for her professionalism, business focus and humane approach in everything she has worked on with me.”

Magdalena, D. – Vice President of Customer Experience