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What Does Coaching Involve?

Coaching is still not used as often as it deserves to be, so for many it is hard to imagine what it is like in practical terms. What is a session? How long does it last? What happens there? How many do I need? How much does it cost? I’ll try to give some answers here.

Career Coaching

You Will Usually Follow These Stages:

  • Who Am I? (Discovering Your Talents, Values, and Motivators)

  • What Do I Want? (Clarifying Your Career Direction and What is Important for you to Achieve)

  • What’s Stopping Me? (Exploring How to Overcome Barriers and Finding Resources That Can Help You Realise Your Ambition)

  • How Do I Get There? (Building an Action Plan)

Career coaching usually comes to an end when you feel happy with the plan and motivated to start implementing it.

What It Means in Practical Terms?

You will meet a career coach for 4 to 6 sessions, depending on where you are at the start of your journey. Ideally, the first meeting should be face to face, for the rest video connection is possible, although face to face is better. Each session will last around 90 minutes. The sessions are usually spaced 2-3 weeks apart in the beginning, with later meetings 4 to 6 weeks apart, depending on what action is needed. The whole process will take 3 to 6 months.

In between the meetings, you need to be ready to put time aside to do the exercises (up to 3 hours from meeting to meeting) and implement actions you decided to take. The face to face meetings can take place at my home in Bicester, or if it is too far, we can find a quiet location near you or half-way between us. Or if weather permits, we can even go outside as this can help open your mind to fresh ideas.

Other Individual Coaching

The sessions usually last 90 minutes, and the number of sessions needed could vary greatly depending on your objective – one or two could be enough in some cases, in other, the longer team support is needed for up to 10 sessions over a long period of time (up to a year). You might also get some homework to do in the form of thinking exercises, but most importantly you will be encouraged to implement the actions you decide to take during our sessions.

Thinking Coaching

In this coaching relationship we do not always agree the number of sessions in advance. When the situation arises where you want some coaching support to make a decision or explore an opportunity, then we agree to meet (in person or virtually). To ensure I am available for you, I would suggest at least a week in advance to book a session.

Team Coaching

The objectives, the lengths, number of sessions and their formats will have to be agreed in the beginning first with the Team Leader and then with the whole team. Depending on the team’s objective it could differ. Very often Team coaching is supported by some team psychometrics or diagnostics and sometimes by skill developing workshops. I highly recommend The Dynamics of High Performing Teams diagnostics before we start the process. To enable the Team Leader of the team to be the coach there is also an on-line self-paced training available – allowing the leader to develop into a team coach.


As Coaching offer is tailor made, it is really hard to put a price without discussing your circumstances. The cost can depend on what kind of coaching it is, number of sessions, whether you are paying personally or are supported by a company. For Team coaching it is important to look at the size of the whole project and whether the coaching is supporting other team interventions. It is easier to talk first, then I will be able to specify the investment needed – and then you will be able to decide if you are ready to commit.

Working with Anna has been a joy

Working with Anna has been a joy. With her ability to create calm but challenging sessions I felt that there was pace and clarity to my development over a short period of time. Anna really did stretch my thinking, helping to understand the ‘bigger picture’ when it came to my goals. If you want to feel progress, I would certainly recommend working with Anna.

Martin K, Divisional Manager