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Professional Development for Individual Careers

What Does Coaching Involve

Coaching happens during a series of one to one sessions where you have space to think, and the coach – by asking questions and encouraging reflections – helps you get insights and ideas about something that matters to you. The understanding and learning you get will allow you to be clearer on what you can do to achieve your goals and/or find harmony.


Coaching can help in various situations. See if any of these are yours and explore how I can help. Better still – call me for a free, no-obligation consultation.

Career Coaching

 Who? Professionals who feel stuck with their career and need a boost or new perspective, moving from "it happened" to "I want this to happen".
 Who? Newcomers to the job market who might be confused about what they want to do or where their talents lie.
 What? One to one session that explores your strengths and motivations, clarify what you could and want to be doing with your career, and help you build a realistic and motivating plan on how to achieve that.

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Career Coaching with an International Twist

 Who? People who have moved countries as adults and are now trying to climb the career ladder in the country that is not their natural cultural environment.

 What? Career coaching which helps you to understand what you want and how to get there. But also, how to navigate company/national culture and how to use your unique national strengths to be more successful.

Performance Coaching

 Who? This is ideal for someone who has just started a new role, moved companies, or has been promoted.

 What? The sessions focus on practical issues of your first few months and plans for overcoming them while keeping an eye on your further career goals. Create the right first impression and understand how you can make the most of these new challenges for your development.


Development Coaching

 Who? Ideal for someone ready to stretch their skills or change behaviours to achieve their career goal but need ideas for their improvement plan or need discipline implementing it.

 What? Support in increasing self-awareness, using instruments like feedback and psychometrics; career coaching focused on giving life to your development plans, including marketing your strengths, making networking easy, and boosting your energy.

Thinking Coaching

 Who? Executives and Leaders who need a thinking partner able to challenge them and take them beyond their comfort zone.

 What? A space where you could try out new ideas, weigh up “yes” and “no” for difficult decisions and explore new perspectives – both for your business dilemmas and for your leadership style.

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How to Start

If you’re ready to start your journey, then please send me an email to begin. We can arrange a first introductory video call, free of charge, where I can introduce the process in detail. You will be able to ask any questions you may have, and we can agree on the goals for our work together. You will be able to decide after the no-obligation call if you wish to proceed.

A Crucial Part of My Career Development

“Anna has been a crucial part of my career development and really allowed me to understand not only my career goals but how to get there. She was a joy to work with and clearly talented in the coaching area. I simply cannot recommend her enough. Thanks, Anna!”

Natacza, J. - Product Manager