Find Your Own Way

Find Your Own Way

Find Your Own Way

ARE YOU STILL LOOKING FOR a career that is RIGHT for you?

What is YOUR career? Not sure how to navigate the corporate maze to be where you want to be? Or should you start all over again? Are you feeling “stuck”? Or do you have a great plan, but for some reason just can’t commit to it?

How can you help your organisation to thrive?

What can make people resilient and ready to change? What can help teams to work truly together? How to retain the best talent in this fluid market? To make most of your diverse talents?

What is YOUR Career?

When was the last time you paid your full attention to yourself? Just to stop, take stock, think and plan YOUR direction, not the one others want you to follow. And if you do manage to find time to do this, how to stay focused, how to turn the fleeting thoughts into plans that you WILL implement to change your life?

Working with a coach gives you this time, focus and energy to find your way, to cope and thrive. 

WHY should I think of My CAREER?

The Modern World is the World of Change. Every second brings new shifts, some small, some tectonic. This makes Business planning for 5+ years ahead nearly redundant, as technological, political, social changes could completely disrupt your business model. Companies can’t be certain what they will produce and what market they will operate in, so they are even less clear about how many people they will need, what people, with what skills. Many professions of today did not exist 5 years ago. We used to view a “career” as a plan that a person would form at a young age to pursue for the next 30-40 years. But this is no longer relevant. People live longer, our working lives are longer and more disrupted, so soon everybody will need to be able to rebuild their “careers” again and again. Are we ready for this? Not sure anybody knows how to cope with the future. I certainly don’t. But what I do know that you have your head and heart to find your own way, to cope and to thrive. You just need a little time
and a little help to focus on what matters…

About Career Roads

After 25 years of work experience, 18 of those in senior HR roles in big corporations, I started my own business – Career Roads. My passion is to help people Grow, and I am proud to say that my unique set of life experience, professional knowledge and personal and coaching skills helped me to make positive difference in many people lives. If you are looking for a coach to help you or a Talent management HR professional to help your organisation, please get in touch to find out more.

I am based in Bicester, Oxfordshire, but work across UK, Russia or beyond. I speak English and Russian