Find Your Own Way

What Does Career Coaching Involve?

Career coach will be asking questions and offering some structured exercises that will help you to focus your thinking, understand yourself better, find new ideas, and move you to an action pla

You will usually follow these stages:

  • Who Am I? (Discovering Your Talents, Values, and Motivators)

  • What Do I Want? (Clarifying Your Career Direction and What is Important for you to Achieve)

  • What’s Stopping Me? (Exploring How to Overcome Barriers and Finding Resources That Can Help You Realise Your Ambition)

  • How Do I Get There? (Building an Action Plan)

Career coaching usually comes to an end when you feel happy with the plan and motivated to start implementing it.

What It Means in Practical Terms?

You will meet a career coach for 4 to 6 sessions, depending on where you are at the start of your journey. At least the first 2 meetings will need to be face to face, for the rest video connection is possible, although face to face is better. Each session will last around 90 minutes. The sessions are usually spaced 2-3 weeks apart in the beginning, with later meetings 4 to 6 weeks apart, depending on what action is needed. The whole process will take 3 to 6 months.

In between the meetings, you need to be ready to put time aside to do the exercises (up to 3 hours from meeting to meeting) and implement actions you decided to take. The face to face meetings can take place at my home in Bicester, or if it is too far, we can find a quiet location near you or half-way between us. Or if weather permits, we can even go outside as this can help open your mind to fresh ideas.

A Great Asset to Any Team that is Focused on Developing Talent

“Anna is a great asset to any team and organisation that is focused on developing talent, building sustainable & high performing teams and driving organisations success through highly engaged and motivated people. Her coaching and people development abilities excite leaders’ expectations and help to align people and business growth objectives. She is a charismatic and values driven individual who I hold in high esteem for her professionalism, business focus and humane approach in everything she has worked on with me.”

Magdalena, D. – Vice President of Customer Experience